Terminal Crimping Machine Series


Dimensions: MM
Max machining diameter: MM
Max peeling length: MM
Weight: KG
Processing speed:
Product Details

• The tubular pre-insulated terminal crimping machine is a one-time completion of feeding, threading, stripping, twisting and crimping. The clamping pressure is automatically adjusted, the stripping wire diameter and stripping length are automatically adjusted, and the crimping height is also automatically adjusted. Adopt HMI interface operation, sensitive pneumatic induction control and components. Fast crimping and very stable performance


Model WG-2.5E
crimp range 0.3—4 square meters, the maximum crimping length is 12mm
crimp shape Quadrilateral (square), hexagonal can be customized
peeling length The shortest outer skin peeling range of the sheathed wire is 40mm
Capacity Rotary stripping, twisting wire, threading terminal,
crimping terminal in four steps in 2.5 seconds (1200-1400pcs/hour)
Rotary blade 2 pieces, material: imported high speed steel
mains power AC220V/50/60HZ    400W
Weight 68kg
Size  L475mm X W450mm X H465mm
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