Terminal Crimping Machine Series
WG-6302  /  WG-6304  /  WG-6308

WG-6302 / WG-6304 / WG-6308

Dimensions: MM
Max machining diameter: MM
Max peeling length: MM
Weight: KG
Processing speed:
Product Details

① The overall cast steel structure has high strength and good rigidity;
② Double servo motor control, one servo motor is responsible for crimping, and the servo motor is for crimping height adjustment;
③ The parameterized setting of the color touch screen, the adjustment accuracy can reach 0.01, and the pre-pressure and pressure-holding functions are available;
④ Installation mold type: OTP horizontal mold, OTP straight mold, European pneumatic mold, 2000 mold, TE mold,
JST mold (different types of mold need to replace the die head and bottom plate).


Model WG-6302 WG-6304 WG-6308
Function Servo crimp (2T) Servo crimp (4T) Servo crimp (8T)
work pressure 20KN 40KN 80KN
crimping method Servo crimp Servo crimp Servo crimp
crimp height adjustment servo motor servo motor servo motor
Height adjustment range 4mm down, 10mm up 4mm down, 10mm up 4mm down, 10mm up
journey 30/40 option 30/40 option 30/40 option
data storage 100 groups 100 groups 100 groups
power 850W 1.5KW 2.5KW
power supply AC220V  50/60HZ AC220V  50/60HZ AC220V  50/60HZ
size 316×245×585( 308×360×720  
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