Terminal Crimping Machine Series


Dimensions: MM
Max machining diameter: MM
Max peeling length: MM
Weight: KG
Processing speed:
Product Details

•The operation panel of the equipment is equipped with a color touch screen, which is intuitive and convenient to operate and displays all the crimping data;
•The crimp height of the terminal can be adjusted in the upper 10mm and lower 4mm ranges, and the theoretical data adjustment accuracy reaches 0.01mm;
•Using servo motor with planetary reducer or turbine reducer to drive the riveting die, with low noise, high precision and stable performance;
•Can be installed with domestic OTP horizontal die, straight die, 2000 type die, 40-stroke pneumatic die, imported JM, JST, TE, European type
mold, Korean mold, etc.;
•Optional stamping stroke 30mm, 35mm, 40mm;
• Equipped with safety guard, using connecting rod PU guard, safe and beautiful;
• Install cable way sensor, mould floor and hanging head can be customized;
• Reserve data interface for data uploading and uploading (optional).


Model WG-6304HSD-FA
crimping method Servo motor crimping
crimp height Terminal riveting height parameter adjustment
(punch adjustment range 0-14mm)
Riveting height adjustment accuracy 0.02mm
pressure detection device Cableway pressure sensor
Depth detection device KEYENCE Depth Sensor
work pressure 4T
journey 30mm,35mm,40mm
power supply AC220V 50/60HZ
weight 120KG
size 250×420×550
Operation method Single action foot switch
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