Life Experience

Life Experience

In 2006, Dongguan Chang'an WINGUD Machinery Department founded

In 2008, The first batch of coaxial wire stripping machines were launched in the market

In 2009, Dongguan WINGUD Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established
              In the same year, established cooperation with a large number of clients, such as Hongxin, Amphenol, Molex, Mobi, Tongyu etc.

In 2011, Jiangsu Kunshan Office was established, cooperating with more than 200+ customers all over the country

In 2013, new energy high-voltage production line was developed and put into production, and cooperation with famous brands: CRRC, Waterma, Dayang Electric, Yonggui, Ruida and other customers was established.

In 2018, Guangdong WINGUD Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established
              In the same year, the full-automatic production line for automotive RF coaxial FAKRA/HSD system was launched

In 2020, Suzhou WINGUD Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd. was established
              In the same year, the automatic assembly production line of automotive electric vehicle wire harness and large square high-voltage automatic production line was developed

In 2021, WINGUD's new factory locates in Changping District Dongguan City, it covers an area of 20 acres, the plant area of 30,000 square



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