Terminal Crimping Machine Series
WG-645 /  WG-646

WG-645 / WG-646

Dimensions: MM
Max machining diameter: MM
Max peeling length: MM
Weight: KG
Processing speed:
Product Details

•The numerical control servo control can adjust the parameters according to the stroke of the mold, and can accurately control the size of the terminal. The service life of the motor and the accessories of the crimping machine;
•According to the counter, the number of operations can be specified, and maintenance according to the equipment maintenance instructions can prolong the service life of the equipment;
•Equipped with an emergency stop switch, if there is any accident or uncontrollable situation in the operation, you can quickly press the emergency stop switch, and the servo motor will stop running immediately to ensure the safety of personnel and machines;
•The crimping machine has a limit function, which can limit the punch and avoid damage to the crimping die or crimping head;
• A code scanner can be installed to read and upload the parameters of the single chip microcomputer and pressure detection, which is more convenient and quick to set the parameters and saves the parameter setting time;
•Automatic positioning, simple debugging, jog control, digital intuitive control of crimping size, improve crimping accuracy.



Model WG-8230 WG-8240
crimp range 10mm²-150mm² 10mm²-200mm²
work pressure 30T 40T
crimping method Servo drive Servo drive
journey 55mm 55mm
power supply AC  220V    50/60Hz AC  220V    50/60Hz
storage 100 groups 100 groups
weight 550kg 650kg
size 800*700*1700mm 800*700*1700mm
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