Terminal Crimping Machine Series
WG-2.0T  /  WG-3.0T  /  WG-4.0T

WG-2.0T / WG-3.0T / WG-4.0T

Dimensions: MM
Max machining diameter: MM
Max peeling length: MM
Weight: KG
Processing speed:
Product Details

1. Adopt advanced high-precision imported battery clutches and brakes, which are agile and accurate.
2. Low noise, low power consumption, accurate feeding and high efficiency.
3. Wider height adjustment range, higher adjustment accuracy, saving the adjustment time of the pad connection height.
4. It can be configured to send card molds and mold to send card molds to achieve universal cushioning.
5. Special cassette mold design, easy to operate. It is suitable for crimping of horizontal feed terminals, and the model has a small running sound.


Model WG-2.0T WG-3.0T WG-4.0T
Crimping ability 2.0T 3.0T 4.0T
power supply AC220V 50HZ AC220V 50HZ AC220V 50HZ
power Motor 0.75KW Motor 1.1KW  Motor 1.5KW
Inverter 0.75KW  220V 1.5KW  220V 2.2KW  220V
Slider stroke 30mm/40mm 30mm/40mm 30mm/40mm
weight 75KG 80KG 90KG
size 320*300 *665mm 320*300 *700mm 320*300 *740mm
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