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The safety operation for crimping machine

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1. Turn on the power switch and the power indicator is on  
2. Pay attention to whether there is obvious abnormal sound inside and outside the machine. If there is suspension of operation, please ask the mechanic to determine whether maintenance is needed  
3. Select and install the blade:  By designated personnel operations, whether must be manually ratio on the selected blade before form a complete set, contrast and correct rear can put the blade is completed and must use a manual test, first close the terminal mechanical and electrical source, cut touch button, use a dedicated plate loom, master-slave pulley, the terminal machine stamping trip to maximum, such as hand did not move, consider whether stress or other problems,  Check and debug until OK.  Before operation, check the locking screws and make sure they are not loose  
4, loading: mount need a taxi terminal, use the Allen wrench to adjust feed clamp, the terminal can easily pass, visual feed position whether appropriate, if not you can adjust use the Allen wrench to loosen feeder lock screw, a screw dynamic adjustment Lei lever adjustment until his best and then lock feeder lock screw, began to work  
5, Test tension: after tuning, take the scrap wire to try, pull test, press the pull test to zero key, the terminal wire to be measured clamp, test if the measured tension is not within the standard range, please repair personnel to adjust again until reaching the standard value  
6, trial production to confirm the product, after the inspection can be mass production, the production process operator must self-check whether the terminal has plastic wrap, hanging neck and other bad and every 1 hour for a terminal tension test  
7, after the completion of production, sort out the finished products clean up the defective products and hygiene around the terminal table.  


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