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Full Solution of Working Principle for Terminal Machine

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           Terminal machine is a common wire harness processing equipment. Different with the wire stripper, the function of the terminal machine is mainly to realize the connection between the wire harness be more convenient. The wiring harness is connected with the way of welding the connection of two wires before, and the terminal machine is to press the metal head to the wire end, and then do the conduction, so that the two wires can be connected, the advantage of this processing is that you can only need to unplug the terminal head to split the two wires. This is how the terminal machine works. Terminal machine is also divided into semi-automatic and automatic terminal machine. Now let’s talk about the working principle for these two kinds of terminal machine.
Semi-automatic terminal machine: Semi-automatic terminal machine is a kind of relatively common terminal machine. We all refer to them collectively as terminal crimping machines. This is the most widely used machine in the market and has strong applicability. Semi-automatic terminal machine is divided into ordinary terminal machine and mute terminal machine. The ordinary terminal machine has one pedal type power - off clutch device, mainly achieve on/off manually, because the motor is always running while processing only stop after the clutch pedal was released. The working principle for the mute terminal machine is almost the same, only that the motor is frequency conversion mute motor and other is common motor. The mute terminal machine is an upgraded version of the common terminal machine.
Automatic terminal machine: Generally speaking, automatic terminal machine is more intelligent, because it integrates integrated circuit, servo, manipulator and detection signal. Due to the high degree of automation, manual operation can be eliminated when running, only need to set the working mode, give the server a working signal, this signal will pass through a series of components to the working drive motor, and then realize the start and stop of the work. This is the the working principle the automatic crimper.


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