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How to choose the suitable stripping machine

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As the frequently-used equipment, the models of stripping machine are relatively complex due to the various kinds of wires. Then how we can choose the suitable stripping machine for our wires.
We use the stripping products from Wingud for example to explain briefly.
As Wingud does not refer to the stripping machines of scrap wire and laser, we will not talk about them to avoid misleading.  
On the current market demand, it can be simply divided to three series as coaxial cable stripper, computer stripper and electric vehicle stripper. 
The coaxial cable stripper is use for the process of coaxial cable, just as its name suggest. This series of Wingud products in the domestic market share as high as 80%, having the reputation of the first coaxial wire stripping machine. All RG coaxial cable, RF radio-frequency cable and bellows cable are able to use the coaxial cable stripper to process. The coaxial stripping machine can be divided into two categories of semi-automatic and full automatic. The full automatic is usually coordinated the volumed cable with the feeding machine to use, which has high automation, can save the labor cost, in the meantime improve the machining efficiency. As the semi-rigid coaxial cable can not be roll up, we generally suggest to use the semi-automatic machine for processing that can strip the cable stably without hurting the cable.
The computer stripper is the frequently-used stripping product at present, can process the electronic wire, PVC wire, braided wire, silicone wire, teflon wire, shielding wire, power line, flat cable, BV/BVR cable etc. While choosing such stripping machine, you nee to clear the wire type, size and the stripping request. How thick the wire to be stripped. If window stripping is needed? If the twisting function is needed? How long to be cut? How long the stripping lengths at the head and tail? It can basically lock the specific model after provided the above.
The electric vehicle stripper is the focus R&D product in Wigud these year. This kind of machine is now used in many leading enterprises such as BYD, Ebusbar, OptimumNano, Shenzhen WOER, JONHON,Yutong etc. It’s mainly used for the cutting and peeling process of the cables for the internal wiring harness in electric vehicle, electric vehicle charging gun and charging pile.
Of course, specific to what kind of wire harness to use what type of equipment, also according to the specific stripping requirements to determine. It's not clear-cut, just as we also use the coaxial cable stripper model 8230, 8240 to process the electric vehicle cables.
The best way to choose the suitable stripping machine for your wire is direct consulting the company sales or customer service staff. They will recommend the most suitable wire harness processing products according to your wire type and stripping requirements.
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