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Operation Precautions for Computer Wire Cutting Machine

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Computer wire cutting machine is the machinery equipment used for wire and cable processing, it can quickly arrange cutting processing to the wire harness, solve enterprise manpower and improve production efficiency. It is a time-saving and labor-saving wire harness cutting solution. Today Wingud will share the operation precautions for computer wire cutting machine to you all.

1. The computer wire cutting machine must be operated by the trained personnel. The operator should be familiar with the structure of the machine and can judge the general performance of equipment failure and preventive emergency handling measures.
2. The cutting speed in the previous 4 months should not be too fast for the run-in period of the new machine.
3. Keep your fingers away from the tool rest and wheel to prevent crushing when the machine is running.
4. The machine should be stopped before debugging during production.
5. The tension of the feeding and the wire stock rack should not be overstressed. And the outsize of the cut line of the outspread metal wire caused by overstress is forbidden.
6. Shut down immediately in case of failure. Cut off the power supply if circuit, smoke or leakage. Start after troubleshooting. The machine should run without trouble or overload.
If you still have questions about the computer wire cutting machine, just please feel free to contact us.


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