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Wingud-Company culture and patents

WINGUD   2022-08-23 14:40:53   6
      The company takes honesty as the cornerstone and technological innovation as the forerunner to provide high-quality products for wire harness processing industry.  
Constantly to meet the needs of users, guide and exceed the demands of users, based on continuous innovation, so that WINGUD Equipment become the better with high-quality products.  Strengthen the quality, improve the staff sense of responsibility, to do all the work of quality management, continuous learning quality management theory, in order try to meet customer satisfaction with high quality products and good service,create more benefits.
In the past 15 years we have obtained a variety of product patents: semi-automatic and full-automatic coaxial stripper .invention patents, ISO9001 certificates and intelligent manufacturing related certificates.  In the future, we will invent and apply for more patents according to global customer demands, and put forward our brand and quality to the world.  


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