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Common faults and solutions of automatic terminal machine

WINGUD   2022-08-23 14:42:59   13
              Automatic terminal machine is more and more widely used in electronic wiring harness, generally has the function of fixed-length cutting and both ends peeling, but also according to the demand, choose whether to stick tin, hit the end.In the process of using automatic terminal machine, there may be inconsistent cutting length, peeling length and other problems. Here is a brief introduction of some common faults, causes and solutions of automatic terminal machine.
1, fault: the electronic wire cutting length of terminal machine is inconsistent
Cause A: Wire feeding wheel pressure is too tight or too loose;
Countermeasure: adjust the gap between the two wheels with wire roller trimmer so that the wire is not compressed and too loose slip.
Cause B: The straightener is too tight or loose;
Countermeasures: Adjust the straightening device from the straightening function and can be sent out smoothly as a principle.
Cause C: Tangent edge wear or edge edge;
Countermeasure: replace the new cutter.
2, fault: terminal machine can not start operation or stop in operation;
A. Check whether there is current input (220V) and 6KG air pressure;
B. Check whether the total set quantity has arrived. If so, power off and start again after reset;
C. Check whether the terminal machine has wires or a running part stuck;
D. Check whether the terminal machine is connected by signal or power supply, and the terminal machine is not pressed.
Fully automatic terminal machine
3, fault: crimping terminal exposed copper wire is uneven;
A. Check whether the gun-shaped swing arm conduit is attached to the wire;
B. Check whether the cutting edge of the terminal machine is relatively straight with the swinging arm conduit;
C. Check whether the auxiliary press block of the terminal machine is loose;
D. Check whether the distance between the terminal machine and the automaton is changed.
4, fault: the stripping opening length of the terminal machine is different;


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