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Wingud became the first batch of "China Integrity Demonstration Enterprise"

WINGUD   2022-08-23 14:39:54   11

  With the promulgation of the certificate of "China Integrity Demonstration Enterprise", Wingud has officially become one of the first batch of China integrity demonstration enterprise units in 2017.
"China Integrity Demonstration Enterprise" is to fully implement The State Council "Social Credit System Construction Planning Outline (2014-2020)" (National issue [2014]21), the Central Guiding Committee for Spiritual Civilization Construction "Opinions on Promoting the institutionalization of Sincerity Construction" (Private issue [2014]225) and "The General Office of the State Council on the application of big data Several Opinions on Strengthening the Service and Supervision of Market subjects (National issue (2015) No. 51) guiding spirit of the document, enterprise credit management evaluation work carried out nationwide. The purpose of this paper is to further promote the construction of credit system, establish credit commitment system, encourage the subject of credit, improve the enterprise's credit consciousness and risk prevention ability, and promote the healthy and rapid development of enterprises that keep credit.

             The selection method is to adopt credit supervision and big data monitoring means through the Credit Management Center of China Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, and accept the initiative of small and medium-sized enterprises to sign a letter of credit commitment, in accordance with the principle of objective, fair and independent, through objective evaluation, to determine the final results of the unit. 
As one of the first China Integrity Demonstration Enterprise, Wingud has been operating with integrity for many years. The first enterprise mission in the company culture: the company will, as always, take honesty and trustworthiness as the cornerstone, take scientific and technological innovation as the guide and take quality first as the guarantee, to provide high-quality products for wire harness processing industry. It is not difficult to see here Wingud’s emphasis on integrity. We believe that under the insistence of Wingud, the enterprise goal of "creating the strongest and largest high-end private brand of wire harness processing equipment in China" will not be far away.


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