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How to strip the wire automatically when the adhesion is high?

WINGUD   2022-08-22 14:10:36   7
       There may be phenomenon that the lengths of peeling and cutting are inconsistent, can not remove the skin when using the automatic stripping machine to strip the wire as some wire adhesion is relatively high. Is there any way to solve this situation? The answer is yes.

             Dealing with such high adhesion wire with today's technology, if the high precision for stripping and cutting is needed, we suggest to use the automatic equipment with own cutting and then use the semi-automatic stripping machine for peeling in terms of cost; if the request of the precision for wire is not high, it can use the cut-off machine to customized cut off the wire and peel the skin with Air Stripper. If you need to choose automatic cutting and stripping machine, you can choose the machine similar to 9850 with rotary stripping technology for the larger wire harness, with servo motor and belt wire pressing for stripping, which can not only ensure the compression of the wire harness, but also won't damage the cable because of pressing indentation. So that's one of the reasons we mentioned the cost at the beginning. The price for model 9850 is more than ten times of ordinary computer wire strippers, as it is equipped with servo motor control and rotary cutting and stripping blades.

     Therefore, the final recommendation is that if the accuracy is not so high, you can choose the combination of cutting machine + pneumatic peeling machine to manually stripping the cable with high adhesion; for high precision but not high budget, you can use the combination of computer stripping machine + coaxial stripping unit, cutting and peeling step by step. Of course, for customers with very high accuracy requirements and sufficient budget, 9850 can be used as the rotary stripping model with enough compression strength and no damage to the cable.  


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