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Reform And Replacement of Stripping Machine Product

WINGUD   2022-08-20 17:52:39   3
       In this fast-paced era, reform and replacement is the only way for the survival and development of most products. From the body skin care, to electronic digital, replacement products have been common, stripping machine products are no exception. Wingud leads the development of domestic wire stripper for more than 10 years, the reform of the products are not a few.
Reform on intellectualization
      Wingud has been devoted to the intellectualization of wire harness processing equipment for many years, so the product reform generally tends to be intellectualized. From semi-automatic coaxial cable stripping machine, to automatic coaxial cable stripping machine, to automatic coaxial cable stripping and crimping machine, and then to the present automatic coaxial cable stripping crimping and tinning machine, the product features are more and more complete, intelligent has reached a new height. In the latest research and development of automatic coaxial cable stripping crimping and tinning  machine is no need manual participation in the whole wiring harness processing, fully reflects the product intelligent. 
Reform of market demand
       Wingud has heard a lot of customer reactions such as "Your price is too high" "Your price is much higher than the other company"...We do not deny the problem of high product price, but it is not to agree with the argument that the price ratio is lower than that of peers. We always place the slogan of "Wingud quality, win the choice" in the most conspicuous position. The pursuit of quality, Wingud products will never give up. This should also be an important reason why Wingud has been able to keep going forward for so many years, and even now it is seriously out of stock.
Of course, based on the domestic market situation, Wingud, according to customer demand and in the case of using the original technology, is using the domestic top configuration to research and develop the wire stripper products. So that the price will be much more favorable than the original model.
Unlike electronic an


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