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Why we need to consider the stability of the machine when buying wire stripper

WINGUD   2022-08-20 17:52:28   5
             When we buy an article, in addition to practicality, we generally make a comprehensive consideration of the exquisite appearance, brand, price, performance, product quality and so on. For example, when we buy clothes, we can actually buy the clothes of our own size in the current season, but we will consider its fashion, the brand, color, collocation, and so on, and finally choose the clothes we want. It is actually the same to buy the wire stripper. For ordinary electronic wiring harness, a lot of equipment can meet the processing requirements, even in the process, the function is the same, but often the price will be different. And some customers would usually ignore the quality, performance and machining stability and choose the machine with low price. Today, let’s focus on why to consider its stability when purchasing the wire stripper.
The stability of the equipment is not only the stability of performance, of course, it must include the stability of performance. But before the price comparison and buying, the customer could not experience the stability of performance, like saying nothing at all. Today is to illustrate the stability from the easy to ignore place, the appearance.
Appearance, I divide it into overall appearance and detail composition. Overall appearance, for example, the rotary stripping equipment model 8230/8240 of our company for large square wire cables. There are many imitation devices on the market, but at the same time, in order to save costs, the overall model is reduced. So why did us Wingud make the machines so big? Big, there is a reason. I said just that, these two models are mainly aimed at large square wire harness stripping. When the large square cable is being stripped and pulled off, the force acting on the cutter head and the whole machine part is very large. We make the whole model big is to ensure the stability of the machinery itself in the process of stripping with no shaking, to ensure the stripping accuracy and no damage to the wire. The tool part is also larger than many manufacturers that imitate our equipment, which is also the reason why the tool rest or even the whole tool part is broken when other manufacturers pull skin. I won't go into details. This is the stability of the overall appearance.
Model 4806 coaxial wire stripper is known to be one of the earliest coaxial models developed by our president Yang. As early as in 2004, the machine has been developed, but at one observing usage in the customer workshop, found working uncoordinated between the blade and tool rest (of course, the machine still can be used). After a lot of thinking, and spent half a year's time, finally developed a Wingud rotating head structure of patents, makes 4806 still popular with customers and peers for so many years. This is the stability of collaboration in detail.
         In the purchase of wire stripping machine, can not only look at the price, we will never say that our machine can do, other manufacturer's machine can not do so. The same clothes, after choosing, certainly can be worn, but which one to wear more fashionable, more comfortable, have more temperament, this is what we should consider.
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