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Requirements of Different Cable Types for Stripping Machines

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Different types of cables have varying demands when it comes to stripping machines. These requirements primarily depend on the cable's characteristics, dimensions, materials, and the intended stripping application. Here are some common types of cables and their demands on stripping machines:

1. Insulated Cables: For insulated cables, stripping machines need to precisely remove the insulation material without damaging the inner conductors. The machine should have accurate depth control and the ability to adapt to different insulation materials.

2. Coaxial Cables: Coaxial cables are often used for communication and television signal transmission. Stripping machines require special cutting tools and fixtures to ensure the accurate removal of the outer insulation, shielding layers, and inner conductors while maintaining the coaxial cable's integrity.

3. Power Cables: Power cables typically have larger cross-sections and thick insulation layers. Stripping machines need sufficient cutting force and depth capability to handle this type of cable.

4. Fiber Optic Cables: Fiber optic cables require extremely precise stripping as the fibers are very delicate. Stripping machines need to provide highly accurate control and non-contact stripping capability.

5. High-Temperature Cables: Cables designed for high-temperature environments may have special insulation materials. Stripping machines need to handle these materials without damage.

6. Specialized Application Cables: Some cables are used for specialized applications, such as aircraft cables, medical cables, or explosion-proof cables. Stripping machines need to accommodate these special requirements and may require dedicated machines.

7. Multi-Core Cables: For multi-core cables, stripping machines need to have multi-head stripping capabilities to strip multiple conductors simultaneously, improving efficiency.

8. Large-Diameter Cables: Large-diameter cables require stripping machines with sufficient stripping and cutting force, necessitating robust mechanical strength.

In summary, different cable types impose distinct demands on stripping machines, including control of stripping depth, design of cutting tools and fixtures, non-contact stripping capabilities, cutting force, and mechanical strength. When selecting a stripping machine, it is essential to consider the type of cables to be processed and the intended application to ensure that the chosen equipment meets the requirements and delivers high-quality stripping results.


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