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How to choose the right wiring harness processing machine?

WINGUD   2023-01-13 12:13:01   9
How to choose the right wiring harness processing machine?
With the widely use of new energy vehicles, automotive wiring harness and processing   equipment has become a hot field of concern. How to choose the manufacturer of wire   harness processing equipment and buy cost-effective wire stripper?   You can find answer here.
Good equipment manufacturers must have their own research and development, production, sales, after-sales service and other professional team, and after years of exploration, rich experience accumulation, the cooperation of the team to meet the market demand. Wingud is an intelligent equipment manufacturer with 17 years of rich experience. Both wire stripper and crimping machine have obtained relevant R&D patents, and equipped with experienced and powerful software and hardware engineers, to produce and test high-quality wiring harness processing equipment.
Wiring harness processing includes: cutting, stripping, crimping terminal, tin, braiding processing, according to the wire skin material is different, and wire diameter, cutting and stripping length can choose the appropriate stripping machine. The terminal crimp machine and die must be configured according to the cable specifications and terminal types. In addition to semi-automatic wire stripping machine, automatic cutting stripping machine, even intelligent and efficient processing line, not only save labor costs, but also improve production capacity. Professional after-sales engineers provide on-site guidance for operation,  parts and maintenance, to ensure the stable processing of wiring harness.


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