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An Analysis on Prospects of Development of China's Automotive Wire Industry in 2022

WINGUD   2023-01-05 15:40:33   6
An Analysis on Prospects of Development of China's Automotive Wire Industry in 2022
Modern cars are filled with various electronic devices to form a huge distributed system. Every signal generated by the driving computer must be transmitted through the wiring harness. Just like the human nervous system, the wiring harness is the carrier of the connection between the various components of the car circuit.
(1) Industrial policy support
my country lists the automobile industry as one of the pillar industries of national economic development, and plans to cultivate a group of parts manufacturers with international competitive advantages in my country, so that they can enter the international auto parts procurement system, and strive to make my country a world supply base. The country has successively formulated a series of industrial policies such as the "Medium and Long-Term Development Plan for the Automobile Industry" and "Outline of the Made in China 2025 Plan" to encourage the development of the automobile industry and the auto parts industry. As the network main body of the automotive circuit, the automotive wiring harness is a key component that affects the electrical performance of the vehicle..

(2) Market protection
my country's automobile consumption market is in the stage of advancing from a period of rapid growth to a mature period, but for a long period of time in the future, there is still room for improvement in the level of my country's third- and fourth-tier regions. At the same time, with the introduction of the "double credit policy", major traditional car manufacturers have accelerated their transformation and development of new energy vehicles and reduced the production capacity of fuel vehicles. The penetration rate of the new energy vehicle market will further increase and the economic inflection point will be realized.
(3)  Promotion of localization of components and parts
At present, the competition in the domestic auto industry is fierce. Automobile manufacturers try to maintain profit margins through cost control, and gradually begin to choose local suppliers with price advantages. The trend of localization of auto parts has formed. This makes it possible for some high-quality automotive wiring harness companies to enter the supplier system of foreign-funded automotive brands, gain more customer resources, expand market influence, and promote the large-scale development of the local wiring harness industry.
(4) Potential motivation for transformation and upgrading
At present, with the gradual popularization of new energy vehicles and the maturity of unmanned driving technology, people's demand for vehicle safety and entertainment has been improved, making auto parts develop in the direction of intelligence, providing a basis for the leapfrog progress of automobiles, Gradually complete the conversion of cars from "functional machines" to "smart machines". The in-depth development of automobiles will definitely put forward higher quality requirements for automotive wiring harness products, and become the driving force for automotive wiring harness companies to improve the performance of wiring harnesses and improve processing technology, thereby promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the wiring harness industry.



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