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 Three Steps to Improve the Efficiency of Automotive Wiring Harness Processing Factory 

WINGUD   2022-12-30 10:28:06   6

 Three Steps to Improve the Efficiency of Automotive Wiring Harness Processing Factory 
Automobile wiring harness is a necessity in the automobile manufacturing industry. With the rapid development of the automobile industry, people's demand for automobiles is also increasing. Therefore, many automobile wire manufacturers are facing great processing pressure. How to improve Processing efficiency is a huge problem and challenge facing by many automotive wire processing manufacturers. So what method can be used to improve processing efficiency?
Here, WINGUD tells everyone that it only takes three steps to effectively improve the efficiency of automobile wiring harness processing factory. Let's find out which three steps are in the following!

1. Choose equipment with high production technology

In order to improve the processing efficiency of automotive wiring harness, you must first choose the right machine. Under the premise of ensuring product quality, more advanced technological measures should be adopted as far as possible to improve labor productivity and reduce costs. For example, WINGUD's Fully Automatic Coaxial Wire Stripping Machine can not only process automotive wire harness with high precision, but also requires only simple processing parameter settings to complete automatic processing. Compared with other wire stripping machines, it can effectively increase the processing speed.

2. Choose a good quality processing equipment

A high-quality automotive wiring harness equipment is also critical to improving efficiency. Take WINGUD's Wire Stripping Machine as an example. The processing speed of ordinary wire stripping machines on the market is only 1500-3500 pcs per hour, while self-developed and imported materials are used. The processing speed of the WINGUD brand wire stripping machine produced with parts reaches 6000-10000 pcs per hour, which is very different and shows how critical it is to the quality of the machine.

3. Do a good job in the maintenance of processing equipment in time

The processing equipment of automobile wiring harness belongs to mechanical equipment, and it is very normal for mechanical equipment to break down. Once the machine breaks down, it will stop processing. This is very fatal for the factory, and a good daily maintenance work can greatly reduce the failure rate of the machine, and a good machine maintenance work can also ensure that the performance of the machine will be more stable, so that it can be well guaranteed the daily processing progress is not affected.

The above three steps can improve the efficiency of automotive wiring harness processing factory. It seems very simple, but it is very difficult to actually do it!


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