Peripherals and Auxiliary Equipment


Dimensions: MM
Max machining diameter: MM
Max peeling length: MM
Weight: KG
Processing speed:
Product Details

1. High precision force sensor: 5000N. Power precision is there. More than 0.3% (generally can reach 0.02%FS)
2. Capacity grading: no grading in the whole process, stepless speed regulation.
3. Power system: stepper motor + ball screw + polished rod linear bearing + synchronous belt drive.
4. Control system: using external control mode, the range is 0.01mm/min~500mm/min;
5. With fast coarse adjustment and slow fine adjustment. Automatically save after testing, can be set to automatically return
6. Display mode: LCD display
7. Test space: the test width is about 400mm (standard specification), and the connecting plate walking space is 900mm (without fixture) (standard specification)
8. Large deformation two-point extensometer: resolution 1/100, accuracy ±1mm
9. Safety device: overload emergency stop device, upper and lower travel limit device, automatic breakpoint stop function.


Model WG-1T
force selection 10000N
Force resolution 1/20,000
Effective force range 1-100%F.S
Deformation indication accuracy Better than ±0.5%
Test speed range 5-300mm/min
journey 600mm
weight 200kg
size 750*550*1600mm
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