Coaxial Wire Stripping Machine Series


Dimensions: MM
Max machining diameter: MM
Max peeling length: MM
Weight: KG
Processing speed:
Product Details

·It can be equipped with a waterproof bolt mechanism, process low-voltage wiring harnesses of automobiles, and complete tangent stripping and end crimping;
·It can be equipped with a rotary cutting and stripping mechanism to process the tangential stripping and riveting of FAKRA cables and HSD cables;
·It can be equipped with a tin furnace mechanism to complete tangent stripping and end crimping.


Model WG-9014 / WG-9014HSD / WG-9014FAKRA
Processing application range standard
Wire diameter range 0.13 – 6 mm² (AWG 26 – 10)*
Wire outer diameter 5.1 mm (0.20 in) maximum
length range 60 – 8000 mm
full peel 0.1-20mm
half peeled 0.1-20mm
crimp force Standard 20 kN (optional 40KN)
Tangent Standard 60-2000 (over 2000mm optional feeder module)
process module Double-end crimping, double-end wear waterproof plug
Crimp - rain plug 7 m³/h/,11 m³/h (388.5 ft³/h)
Air consumption crimping/crimping
noise level <80 dB (without crimping tool)
Electrical connections Single-phase electricity AC 220V/ 50/60 Hz / 5.0 k VA
compressed air connection 6.0±1
Terminal stroke 30mm / 35mm /40mm (optional)
Coaxial and Triaxial Cables Optional
Hot Stamp / Inkjet Logo Optional
Other configuration requirements There are MES or other systems connected to CAO production system and apims7
system parameters can be imported and exported
weight 1400kg (standard machine)
size 3900*1300*2000 (standard machine)
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